Facebook Business Page – How to Set Up a Facebook Business page

Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page

We all know how important it is for us to set up a Facebook Business Page. We know that if we are to grow our business, we will need to integrate social media into everything we do, and Facebook is definitely the king of social media.

Many of us have created our own personal Facebook page that we use to interact with friends and family. But now we need to create a separate page for our business. This Facebook Business Page is very important because this will become the platform for our business.

This will be the tool through which we communicate on an interactive basis with our followers. If we implement our strategy correctly, we will be able to provide useful and relevant information, and in this manner will develop a loyal following that will follow us from our business page into our business website. And here is where we will be able to highlight our products and services, and how they can best serve our community.

How do you get set up your Facebook Business Page?

You have two options:
1. If you already have a personal account, you can just add the fan page to that personal account. When it comes time to sell the site, you will simply add the buyer as an admin to the page and delete yourself.
2. Create a Facebook Business account in the name of your site. Please note that a business account is not the same as a personal account.

If you don’t want your Facebook Business Page connected at all with your personal profile, create a business account. If you don’t want to switch back and forth all the time between personal and business, add it to your personal profile.

You will need 25 likes on your page in order to get your “vanity URL.” Once you have the 25 likes, you will have access to a unique vanity Facebook URL that is descriptive about your company or your niche. This Facebook URL can include your business name or is descriptive about your niche.

Once you are inside Facebook, all you need to do is click on the appropriate heading to start a Facebook Business Page.Once you are in this section, just select a Business Page as the category. You do not need a personal page to have a business page. Just be sure to be as descriptive as possible. Be sure to write about your company and the products and services that you provide.


Facebook Business Page – Business Page on Facebook

Facebook Business Page

Facebook Busines

A Facebook Business Page is a great way for you to leverage the power of Facebook to grow your business. It can be the platform you have been looking for to distinguish yourself from your competition.

You will need to build your Facebook Business Page in such a way that your visitors will be drawn to visit your corporate website so they can find out more about your products and services. Your business page can be a powerful tool to channel the visitors on your page into your marketing funnel.

In order to become an industry leader in your niche, you will need to provide regular and valuable information about the topics that are of interest to your Facebook Business Page visitors. You will also need to describe how the products and services that you offer provide value to them. Your content should be interesting and relevant to the problems and concerns they are facing.

One way you can add value is by offering tips of the trade, or by providing your own perspective on how certain things can be performed better, easier or faster in your industry. You want them to follow you from the Facebook Business Page back to your website because you are providing valuable information.

You can use Facebook as a list building tool by offering them free reports or videos that are useful and interesting to them. In return they will  provide your their email address. At this point your responsibility is to continue to provide content they are hungry for. You are beginning a relationship with your followers. They will be loyal subscribers so long as they feel you have their best interests at heart.

In Facebook there are many communities and groups, and you should focus on the ones that are most closely related to your niche. There are in deed many people that are interested in your topic. This is why if you have something interesting to say, the people in your marketplace will listen.

Don’t miss the boat on this one, go out and create and interesting Facebook Business Page and provide regular, relevant content for your audience.


Facebook Business Page – Starting a Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business Page is one of the most important tools that should be included in any successful business and marketing plan, regardless of the size the company.  This is time and money well spent.If you implement the strategy properly you will reap enormous benefits.

Every new company should create its own Facebook marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many business owners tend to overlook this component initially. But not having a Business Page, or not having one created correctly can be a huge mistake.

If you are just starting out you know how important it is that you have a corporate presence that properly reflects your company and your brand.

Most small companies go out of their way to brand their company and spend a considerable amount of time and energy developing their website and corporate identity. But they fail to follow through, especially when it comes to social media marketing.

And in this day and age, social media is king and providing your website visitors the opportunity to like your site is fundamentally important. In a similar fashion, having them visit your Facebook Business Page is key.

If they like your page, they will then have a good reason to interact with you. When you implement this strategy properly, you will develop a loyal following, especially if you give them a reason to visit your website site.

For this purpose, you can entice your visitors by providing them free videos or content that is relevant and important to them.
In fact, if this strategy is done correctly you will be able to grow your business substantially when you have a proper Facebook Business Page that engages your readers and draws them into you business website or keeps them informed about your products and services.

If you want to create a simple Facebook Business Page, you can start by logging into Facebook and then clicking on the section that shows you how to Create a Facebook Business Page, you can follow the instructions provided in the step by step tutorial that will help you build it.
Essential there are a few differences to consider when you are creating a unique identity for your business page.

Your Facebook Business Page should have :

  • corporate email to register the business
  • sign in as under the category of a business or service
  • contact your friends and clients and ask them to like you
  • when you have 25 or more likes you can get a Facebook url that will be relevant to your business.

Your business page will provide the platform you need to leverage the visitors that you attract. The good news is that a Facebook Business Page is relatively easy to start. You just need to provide as much detailed information about your company. Later on, you can get a little more sophisticated and optimize your page with the relevant keywords. You can also customize the look and feel of your business page to be more in line with your corporate image.